“She lost 9 pounds in 3 days!!!”

Hey everyone, I got this letter from a subscriber at Fast Weight Loss Solutions, and thought I would share it with you. Meet Sandy Butler, a busy mom, with a busy schedule, she found my site during a promotion I ran a little over a month ago, she purchased a weight loss product I promoted called The 2 Week Diet and as of this Wednesday was down 9 pounds in 3 days, utilizing diet with working out and fasting.

Hey Tony,

I read your story about being a busy parent and fitting fitness into your schedule, my name is Sandy, I am 31, work a full time job as well as being a single mom. I read a post you put up about the 2 Week Diet, and it sounded like what I need. I haven’t been physically active really since I was a cheerleader in college.

I bought the audio version so I could listen to it in my car, and started it this week. I dropped soda, fast food and eliminated carbs dropping to 30 grams a day. By day 3, I felt leaner, more energetic and just plain AMAZING! I looked at the scale and I dropped from 171 to 162 IN JUST 3 DAYS!!!

Brian Flatt’s approach to weight loss and how to truly LOSE WEIGHT FAST is ground breaking and ANYBODY CAN DO IT!!! I feel like I am on the verge of something great, and couldn’t thank you enough! Thanks Tony! Please keep up the website and if you wanna learn how to get in the best shape in the least amount of time, The 2 Week Diet is what you need! Thanks again

Sandy Butler


It warms my heart to hear I have helped another person do something they didn’t think they could do because of being a busy parent, a boss, to old, to out of shape. These limitations are TRUE motivational factors that can push you to do things YOU DIDN’T THINK WERE POSSIBLE! This inspired me to give the diet a go as well. Are You in? To learn more about the 2 Week Diet, click here and get ready to get on the right track to real transformation!