3 Choices To Help You Lose Weight

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1. The Weight Loss Patch

Perhaps the most appealing benefit of using a patch is that it is so easy to use. No pills to remember to take, no special diets, no required exercise routine. Naturally, sticking to a healthy diet and exercise program is best for your overall health, but if that is difficult for you to adhere to all of the time, the patch may be a solution that works for you.

A weight loss patch that you place on your body will deliver the active ingredients by transdermal delivery, meaning through the skin. The patch ingredients will go directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system and liver. Simply apply the patch to a smooth area of your skin and change it every 3 days. That is all of the maintenance that is required.

A patch can even be used occasionally when you are traveling and know you will be eating out a lot, or for those times you are too busy to cook the proper foods. A patch that suppresses your appetite will help you develop good eating habits that will help you maintain your ideal weight in the future ~ no more yo-yo figures.

2. Appetite Suppressant Pills

Curbing your appetite to stop the influx of calories in the first place seems to be the logical way to lose and maintain your weight. However, we are so bombarded by confusing claims everywhere for appetite suppressant pills ~ in print, on the radio, on television, even on billboards when driving, that it is difficult to know which diet pill will really help take off those pounds ~ and keep them off..

Some diet pills will cause your heart to race, your hands to shake, or an overall “wired” feeling. To avoid these problem, stay away from products that contain Ephedra, Ma Huang, and Ephedrine.

One herbal diet pill that has gotten a lot of publicity lately is Hoodia Gordonii The authentic plant comes from the Kalahari desert in South Aftrica. Respectable television shows like 60 Minutes, the Today Show, BBC, and even Oprah’s “O” magazine have given it rave reviews for its fast acting appetite suppressing qualities. While it can take one to two weeks to work fully, many users report a decline in their appetite with the first pill.

In fact, Hoodia has had so many positive reports that there are now a lot of knock-off products being marketed to the uninformed ~ especially on the Internet. The real Hoodia is very rare because it takes up to 7 years for the Hoodia plant to mature to a point where it provides appetite suppressant qualities. In addition, the African government is now limiting the amount of Hoodia it exports, meaning only a few suppliers have the real thing. Because Hoodia is so rare, you can expect it to be a little more expensive than other diet pills.

Another diet pill that helps shed pounds is Herbal Phentermine. This is a non-prescription appetite suppressant that is scientifically designed to produce similar effects of a popular Rx version of phentermine.

The good news is that the Herbal version contains only natural ingredients so you don’t have to be worried about side effects. Plus, you can avoid the time, expense, and embarrassment of a doctor’s visit.

Herbal Phentermine will not only suppress your appetite, but it will also increase your metabolism so you burn more calories and have more energy.

3). Carbohydrate Blockers

Perhaps you prefer not to have your appetite suppressed, but instead would like to eat all of the pasta, bread, rice, and potatoes you want. If this sounds more like your style, then you might want to try a carbohydrate blocker.

Scientists have discovered, and thoroughly tested a method to allow us to eat the foods we love and not gain weight. We can now stop the normal conversion of starchy foods to sugar before it can pass through our digestive system and store as fat on our hips, thighs, buttocks and stomach. Derived from white kidney beans, the resulting carb blockers, (starch neutralizers), are a completely natural product. They work by neutralizing the Alpha amylase enzyme that digests starch.

By neutralizing this digestive enzyme, the starch from our food does not get digested. Instead, it remains intact and does not convert to sugar. It simply passes through the body undigested and acts as a fiber ~ which is a very good thing. We get more fiber going through our intestines while avoiding the conversion to sugar and the resulting fat storage ~ a definite win-win situation.

Over the past several years, there have been many positive studies to determine the effectiveness of carb blockers and their ability to help lose weight. One study was performed at the Northridge Hospital Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA, over an eight week time period.

It reported that participants saw an average weight loss of 200% more than those taking a placebo, and lost an average of 1.5 inches around their waists. This was 43 % more than those taking the placebo. Plus they reported having 13% more energy, even though it is not a stimulant.

Whether you choose patches or pills, prefer to eat starchy foods, or use carb blockers, some things to look for when buying diet products are that they:

1) Contain all natural ingredients
2) Do not have harmful side effects
3) Offer a 100% money back guarantee


3,500 calories=1 pound of fat

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There are 3,500 calories in one pound of fat. Thus, if you cut back or work off just 3,500 calories, you will lose an entire pound of fat. While it is possible to cut back on your calorie intake and increase your exercise regimen in order to lose pounds quickly, it is important to note that doctors recommend that you lose no more than 2 pounds of weight per week in order to ensure that your body properly adjusts to the weight loss.

Here are some tips to help you safely drop 3,500 from your regular routine:


Running for about 1 hour at a slow pace will help you lose approximately 350 calories, depending on your body type, speed and terrain. Thus, if you run for one hour five days a week while maintaining a consistent diet, you will safely lose one pound.

It is important to understand that many people who just begin running will eat pasta and other foods high in carbohydrates in order to compensate for the exertion. They think that because they worked out so hard, they deserve a treat. After all, they justify, the pasta will help to keep their energy levels high.

However, what they may not realize is that while they are justified in thinking that the carbohydrates will infuse their workout routine with energy, they are not actually setting their bodies up to lose weight. When you burn 350 calories but intake 450 over a high-carbohydrate pasta dish, you are adding more calories to your body than you otherwise would have.

Running does, however, help to boost our metabolism and change your muscle tone so that you burn calories more efficiently. Instead of inhaling a pasta dish after a run, select instead to have a large salad and splurge for the carbohydrate-rich croutons.

Eat In

When you eat out at a restaurant, not only are you subjecting your body to an array of high fat, high calorie foods, but you are also tempting yourself to eat a larger portion than you might normally eat. Therefore, what could be a simple 500 calories meal can easily turn into a 1500-calorie fat fest. In order to lose weight by cutting calories, it is essential that you are aware of exactly what you are putting into your body. Especially in the beginning of your new routine, it is important that you prepare your meals and monitor your level of hunger.

When eating out, generally you are in a social situation where food is not a priority – but spending time with your friends is. For this reason, people tend to eat more than they normally would. Non-dessert eaters often even spring for the extra round of calories. If you must eat out, help yourself avoid temptation by selecting a salad rather than a plate of pasta or burger. You will be amazed at the difference in the amount of calories you intake when you make simple choices such as meal option.

By reducing your overall calorie intake and increasing your level of physical activity, you will be able to lose those 3,500 calories without much trouble. Make sure that you stay focused, motivated and on task. You’ll shed unwanted weight in no time!


Choosing an elliptical for home use

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Over the past few years Elliptical trainers have taken the fitness industry by storm. What was once a fad relegated to late night infomercials is now perhaps the single most dominant piece of equipment at the majority of gyms and personal training centers.

Let’s start with the guide by taking a look at the differences between a treadmill and an elliptical trainer. The most immediate thing you’re going to notice is that the elliptical is almost entirely impact free. This means you will no longer be subjected to the lower joint pain most associated with running. Even a treadmill with great shock absorbtion and an orthopedic belt, while better than running on pavement, will still abuse your knees and ankles.

On the flip side, a treadmill is much better for targeted training for joggers and runners. You can’t really train properly for a marathon on an elliptical. As close as the feel of an elliptical is to walking or running, it’s still not as good as actually running.

Now, let’s take a look at the “pain” of running. Recent studies have shown people to work out hard and longer on ellipticals because the perceived amount of effort seems to be much less. The more “comfortable” a work out, the longer and hard someone will go. This is one of the main reasons a lot of seniors and older exercisers have taken to the elliptical so readily.

Another glaring difference is the crosstraining arms most ellipticals have (with a few exceptions such as the majority of the Precor elliptical units). With the addition of the crosstraining bars, the elliptical allows you an additional aspect in your work out — strength training. Almost all fitness experts agree that all proper workouts need a strength training aspect and the elliptical packages it with the cardio training quite nicely.

Let’s talk about what to look for in an elliptical trainer. First, which is better, a front wheel or rear wheel elliptical. Truth be told, they both work exactly the same. Anyone who tells you differently is just trying to see you a bill of goods. They give you the exact same workout. The only real difference is if you’re a larger person or if you’re on a lighter weight (or less sturdy) machine. In this case, the front drives will definitely feel quite a bit sturdier. This is because when you work out on an elliptical, you are throwing all of your weight forward. Having the drive and heavy flywheel up front will help to balance you out. Larger flywheels are better as they tend to last longer and give more sturdiness to a machine.

Most elliptical trainers have magnetic brakes and you don’t want to mess with anything else. The old friction based brakes tended to wear out too quickly, so stay away from any dinosaur machines that still use them.

Stride is one of the most important features on an elliptical because they have the most to do with comfort. Longer strides are better on ellipticals — unless, of course, you’re a shorter person, but for most people strides of 18″ or longer are best. Personally, I’ve find 20-21 inch strides to be the best for anyone up to about 6’4″. Anything shorter than 18″ will be uncomfortable for most people.

Footpads: make sure the unit you are looking at has articulating footpads. The reason for this is because elliptical traininers with static footpads (such as the Tunturi units) can cause your feet to start to go numb on longer work outs. This is from the lack of circulation caused by the static pedals. Looks for footpads that flex with your feet. You’ll thank the sensei for it.

Things like programs, heart rate control and personal fans are nice, but the above points are the main things to keep an eye on. Also, try out the feel of the way you mount an elliptical. There are two varieties of mounting — side mount machines (such as the Precor 546 or Star Trac Rear Drive) and rear mount machines (such as the Matrix E5x or Horizon EX44). Some people have a bit of difficulty on mounting from the side and should look at rear drive options. As with the position of the flywheel, rear-mount versus side-mount ellipticals work exactly the same way.

The best way to pick out an elliptical is to head out to either a gym or local sports retailer and give them a try. Be warned, tho, once you work out on a commercial grade elliptical, it’s hard to transition over to a residential grade one. The top of the line commercial ellipticals are by Star Trac, Matrix, Precor and Life Fitness. The top residential grade ellipticals include Horizon, New Balance and Endurance. Fitnex and Spirit / Sole are great mid range brands that do an exellent job of giving commercial quality work outs for not much more than a residential price.


Cayenne Pepper and water diet

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Have you heard of the cayenne pepper and water diet? Controversy has recently surrounded the so-called cayenne pepper and water diet, primarily due to it’s association with Beyonce Knowles who apparently lost 20 pounds during filming for the movie “Dreamgirls” living only on cayenne pepper and water. The facts are not in dispute, the actress did apparently lose weight quickly over a short period and there is no reason to dispute how this was achieved.

However the question that must be asked is can this be called a “diet”? Some would say that what Beyonce Knowles did was simply starve herself of food, surviving solely on liquids. Surely the cayenne pepper had no noticeable effects other than perhaps adding a little taste to the water?

It should perhaps be noted that there are certainly recorded health benefits associated with cayenne pepper, including aiding digestion, strengthening of the heart, claims it contains mild pain relieving qualities, and there are even reports of using cayenne as a dressing for wounds.

Even taking these reported benefits into account, can this cayenne pepper and water diet really be called a diet? It should more properly be seen as a purely starvation exercise undertaken by a committed actor wishing to lose weight quickly in pursuit of her art and career, presumably with the safety net afforded to highly paid and closely monitored movie stars. Presumably she will have been surrounded by assistants and helpers who would have been immediately on hand had Beyonce suffered from any starvation effects or ill health.

The danger in this story as with other fad diets is that impressionable people, young girls in particular, will have heard about this seemingly miraculous cayenne pepper and water diet and will wish to try it themselves, without any regard to the obvious and significant health dangers inherent in starving yourself in such a way. In particular this form of dieting could be very damaging if sustained for any length of time, any form of fasting should be carefully monitored for signs of deteriorating health.

It should also be said that this story and the controversy it has created are not the fault of Beyonce Knowles, rather it is created by media hype attempting to profit from the possibility others may try and follow her example. In recent times other actors have been required to lose weight quickly for their future roles, for example Christian Bale in the movie The Machinist. The actor dropped his weight to a dangerously low level by reportedly eating a single apple and a tin of tuna every day, but this did not become the “apple and tuna” fad diet, probably because Christian Bale does not have the same widespread fashionable image as Beyonce.

So in conclusion is this really a Diet? I would suggest not, with the hype surrounding it currently it could be categorized as a fad, and potentially a dangerous one. The only safe way to permanently lose weight is to eat healthy food, eat in moderation, and crucially undertake regular exercise. If you do this you will burn excess fat, your arteries will stay clear and healthy and you won’t risk damaging your body by starving it of the food it needs to stay fit and healthy.


1 tip to eliminate cellulite from your butt, hips, or thighs

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Cellulite is the enemy of all women. And it can appear at any stage of life – which makes this unpredictable beauty issue even more of a problem.

Some women can start to get it during puberty. Some report it becoming visible after having one or more children. Some say they got it after becoming sedentary in their mid-30’s. And others have reported getting cellulite during menopause.

If you’re reading this – it is very likely you have cellulite yourself – or you fear the day that you start to see it on your lower-body…

There’s no need to worry- because today we have a tip to help you fight this unwelcome enemy of the butt, thighs, legs and hips.

Here’s a tip you can start implementing today…

Switch from regular salt to sea salt in your recipes – and when adding to your foods.

The reason is this: Regular salt has been chemically treated and stripped of all the good things in it.

On the other hand – sea salt is natural and contains valuable electrolytes and minerals which help the body at deep cellular levels – and on the superficial levels. Sea salt is also better for female hormone regulation.

For those reasons alone – sea salt will reduce the severity of the cellulite dimples and shadows on your legs, butt, hips and thighs.

Want more tips on how to get rid of your cellulite? Then you’ll want to read this article as soon as possible: 5 Keys to Kill Your Cellulite

The article is one of the best on the subject so please feel free to share it with your friends who may also want to get rid of their cellulite problem.


How to look 10 years younger

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Whats up everybody, I have been very open about my past and love for weight lifting and bodybuilding. Ironman Magazine, editor in chief Steve Holman has produced this report… Read on, and remember age is nothing but merely a number! click here


Why your hip flexors are more important than you think

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Have you ever suffered from any of the following?

Improper posture
Joint pains
Decreased atheltic perfromance
Hips locking up
Compromised Immune System
High Anxiety
Problems with sexual performance
Circulatory issues
Trouble sleeping
These issues are often linked to your hip flexors/ Heres 2 exercises you can do to strengthen your hip flexors


You get a deep stretch in the flexors, and if you perform it correctly, you also reap benefits in the glutes. Start standing straight up with your feet together. Take a lunge step forward and drop the same-side arm down. Try to place your elbow inside your foot, as close to the ground as possible, without your back knee touching the ground.


I like to do 3 sets of 12-15 reps going completely butt to floor, to open your flexors and get a good full stretch.

Aside from full range of motion squats and lunges their are multiple stretches you can do for hip flexors as well.

To learn more about opening your hip flexors click here


10 reasons the Venus Factor could work for you (Women Only)

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10 reasons the Venus Factor could work for you (Women Only)

-It’s a flexible diet plan, that can be incorporated into any womans daily routine
-It’s not small at around a 180 page program
-In addition, they set up a online community, for additional support and motivation with Venus Factor.
-The routine is arranged around lowering your leptin levels.
-Some supplements are recommended such as Green Coffee Bean Extract, CLA, Garcinia Cambogia, Raspberry Ketones
-Program also contains video
-Targets the many issues in womens daily lives like hormones, leptin levels as well as weight loss plateaus.
-Recommends 1-2 cheat days a week on the plan.
-Targets cellulite, and areas cellulite gathers.
-Contains a 60 day money back guarantee.
Possibly the top program on the market today, can be used by women of all ages, to lose weight, pregnancy weight, or just out to get the best body they ever had!
It’s a complete 4 star package, for a free video and addition information click here


10 Reasons you should look into Wake Up Lean by Meredith Shirk

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10 Reasons you should look into Wake Up Lean by Meredith Shirk

-No Starving to lose weight on this diet regimine.

-If you have tried many different diets this will be a new strategy, to hopefully take you to a more successful weight loss plan.

-You will receive 3 programs
5 Minute Lean Body Bursts
Wake Up 1 pound lighter, The 24 hour flushing protocol
The Wake Up Lean, 10 day flat belly blueprint

-Can be used by both men and women, of all ages

-No need for counting points or calories on this diet plan.

-Teaches a 13 second exercise that will prevent you from storing excess body fat

-Program involves short, intense workouts, and actually discusses why long workouts are actually not the route, as they can increase cortisol, and slow down the fat burning process

-At only $15, this program is an inexpensive steal, and have recommended it to multiple friends who saw great results as well.

-The program will also go into detail teaching you about the 3 main foods to avoid when trying to lose weight.

-60 day money back guarantee

To learn more about The Wake Up Lean program, click here


Lose weight with the 8 x 8 workout

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Hey everyone, let me take you back to a time when the people we saw one magazine covers resembled greek gods more than massive freaks.

The 2 men pictured are Frank Zane, the Mr. Olympia (top bodybuilder in the world) from 1977-1979, and Jay Cutler, the Mr. Olympia, from 2006-2007, 2009-2010. Back in the 1970’s the emphasis was more for overall balance, slim waist, and lean mass as opposed to being just muscle mass. Diets as well as training was geared to building a lean physique and improving weak points through training. Today alot of the ideas are now leaning towards a high calorie, some over 10,000 calories diet, with large consumption of meats, being recommended by so called experts.

Enter the late Vince Gironda, this man trained his clients in a number of fashions, recommending a diet that consisted of steak and eggs, (yes you read that right) twice a day, and training your muscles anywhere from 14 straight days, to with the 8 x 8 system. The latter still to this day is the template for many training programs. Gironda used to claim that he didn’t like training steroid using bodybuilders, which is up for opinion, but the workouts he recommended are still to this day providing people with great results 20 years after his death in 1997.

Do a google search and check out youtube for the name Vince Gironda, since alot of the material is rehashed at ridiculous prices tags. The workout Vince used to recommend was a split routine which at that time was very rare since many of the trainers and weightlifters in that era, followed full body programs hitting every body part 3 times a week

Day One

Chest dips    8×8

Squats     8×8

Bar Curls 8×8

Vince recommended dips as opposed to bench press for chest, after you complete your first set rest no longer than 15-20 seconds for your next  set. Despite the fact that it’s a 24 set routine, the workout will usually be finished within 20 minutes

take a day off

day two

Lateral Raises (this was Vinces preferred movement for shoulders)      8×8

Seated Row     8×8

Tricep Pushdowns     8×8

and that’s it. Take the next day off and just continue the workout every other day. His other routines like 10 sets of 10 and 15 sets of 4, follow that same principal, however in my opinion do to higher volume could lead to overtraining for those not used to higher volume. Give this routine a try for 30 days, and see what happens. This routine can also be followed at home.