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How to look 10 years younger

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Whats up everybody, I have been very open about my past and love for weight lifting and bodybuilding. Ironman Magazine, editor in chief Steve Holman has produced this report… Read on, and remember age is nothing but merely a number! click here


Why your hip flexors are more important than you think

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Have you ever suffered from any of the following?

Improper posture
Joint pains
Decreased atheltic perfromance
Hips locking up
Compromised Immune System
High Anxiety
Problems with sexual performance
Circulatory issues
Trouble sleeping
These issues are often linked to your hip flexors/ Heres 2 exercises you can do to strengthen your hip flexors


You get a deep stretch in the flexors, and if you perform it correctly, you also reap benefits in the glutes. Start standing straight up with your feet together. Take a lunge step forward and drop the same-side arm down. Try to place your elbow inside your foot, as close to the ground as possible, without your back knee touching the ground.


I like to do 3 sets of 12-15 reps going completely butt to floor, to open your flexors and get a good full stretch.

Aside from full range of motion squats and lunges their are multiple stretches you can do for hip flexors as well.

To learn more about opening your hip flexors click here


10 reasons the Venus Factor could work for you (Women Only)

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10 reasons the Venus Factor could work for you (Women Only)

-It’s a flexible diet plan, that can be incorporated into any womans daily routine
-It’s not small at around a 180 page program
-In addition, they set up a online community, for additional support and motivation with Venus Factor.
-The routine is arranged around lowering your leptin levels.
-Some supplements are recommended such as Green Coffee Bean Extract, CLA, Garcinia Cambogia, Raspberry Ketones
-Program also contains video
-Targets the many issues in womens daily lives like hormones, leptin levels as well as weight loss plateaus.
-Recommends 1-2 cheat days a week on the plan.
-Targets cellulite, and areas cellulite gathers.
-Contains a 60 day money back guarantee.
Possibly the top program on the market today, can be used by women of all ages, to lose weight, pregnancy weight, or just out to get the best body they ever had!
It’s a complete 4 star package, for a free video and addition information click here


10 Reasons you should look into Wake Up Lean by Meredith Shirk

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10 Reasons you should look into Wake Up Lean by Meredith Shirk

-No Starving to lose weight on this diet regimine.

-If you have tried many different diets this will be a new strategy, to hopefully take you to a more successful weight loss plan.

-You will receive 3 programs
5 Minute Lean Body Bursts
Wake Up 1 pound lighter, The 24 hour flushing protocol
The Wake Up Lean, 10 day flat belly blueprint

-Can be used by both men and women, of all ages

-No need for counting points or calories on this diet plan.

-Teaches a 13 second exercise that will prevent you from storing excess body fat

-Program involves short, intense workouts, and actually discusses why long workouts are actually not the route, as they can increase cortisol, and slow down the fat burning process

-At only $15, this program is an inexpensive steal, and have recommended it to multiple friends who saw great results as well.

-The program will also go into detail teaching you about the 3 main foods to avoid when trying to lose weight.

-60 day money back guarantee

To learn more about The Wake Up Lean program, click here


Lose weight with the 8 x 8 workout

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Hey everyone, let me take you back to a time when the people we saw one magazine covers resembled greek gods more than massive freaks.

The 2 men pictured are Frank Zane, the Mr. Olympia (top bodybuilder in the world) from 1977-1979, and Jay Cutler, the Mr. Olympia, from 2006-2007, 2009-2010. Back in the 1970’s the emphasis was more for overall balance, slim waist, and lean mass as opposed to being just muscle mass. Diets as well as training was geared to building a lean physique and improving weak points through training. Today alot of the ideas are now leaning towards a high calorie, some over 10,000 calories diet, with large consumption of meats, being recommended by so called experts.

Enter the late Vince Gironda, this man trained his clients in a number of fashions, recommending a diet that consisted of steak and eggs, (yes you read that right) twice a day, and training your muscles anywhere from 14 straight days, to with the 8 x 8 system. The latter still to this day is the template for many training programs. Gironda used to claim that he didn’t like training steroid using bodybuilders, which is up for opinion, but the workouts he recommended are still to this day providing people with great results 20 years after his death in 1997.

Do a google search and check out youtube for the name Vince Gironda, since alot of the material is rehashed at ridiculous prices tags. The workout Vince used to recommend was a split routine which at that time was very rare since many of the trainers and weightlifters in that era, followed full body programs hitting every body part 3 times a week

Day One

Chest dips    8×8

Squats     8×8

Bar Curls 8×8

Vince recommended dips as opposed to bench press for chest, after you complete your first set rest no longer than 15-20 seconds for your next  set. Despite the fact that it’s a 24 set routine, the workout will usually be finished within 20 minutes

take a day off

day two

Lateral Raises (this was Vinces preferred movement for shoulders)      8×8

Seated Row     8×8

Tricep Pushdowns     8×8

and that’s it. Take the next day off and just continue the workout every other day. His other routines like 10 sets of 10 and 15 sets of 4, follow that same principal, however in my opinion do to higher volume could lead to overtraining for those not used to higher volume. Give this routine a try for 30 days, and see what happens. This routine can also be followed at home.


Top 10 weight loss programs for the spring of 2017

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Getting ready to hit the beach, or just eager to get back into shape maybe you just want to FINALLY look and feel the way you always wanted. All That being said here is a list of the top 20 best selling internet products on the market right now

1 Lean Belly Breakthrough 

2.  Yoga Burn (Women Only)

3. The 3 Week Diet

4. Venus Factor Xtreme (Women only)

5. The 2 Week Diet

6. Old School, New Body

7. 10 Minute Fat Loss

8. The Fat Diminisher

9. Eat Stop Eat

10. Thrive In 5’s


Each of these programs have a purpose, some women specific, a couple more towards bodybuilding, one even for intermittent fasting the key is doing our own research and finding which program works best for you. Good Luck my friend! My weight loss tip for the day is a simple one. How many of you drink a gallon of water a day? Did you know how beneficial water is in fat loss? Drink at least an 8 oz cup every hour you are awake.


HIIT: Quick cardio for a new you

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Hey everyone, been away with a cold the last couple days but back and ready for some more information to start building a new you for the summer and from that point on. The key to this is getting out of the way of thinking that more is always better.

There is a bodybuilding book called 3 more reps, for my fellow meat heads out their. Every workout recommended from the top being the great Arnold on down, consisted of nothing but 2 hours long plus workouts 6 days a week. I used to think this was the only way to go. That like cardio has the same vibe. I remember a personal trainer telling a 17 year old me that you don’t even start burning fat til you hit the 30 minute mark. I started doing cardio on a treadmill at a 15.0 incline at a 4.0 speed 60 minutes a day. That type of cardio burns almost 600 calories in 30 minutes… Thats not burning fat huh? That was the beginning of me questioning people who are supposed to know it all lol.

What I found soon after in the early 2000s was a cardio plan that didn’t have alot of research behind it yet BUT IT WAS 15 MINUTES!!! THATS RIGHT!

The point of this workout is to do something where you’re giving 100% intensity, my personal preferences are jump rope, jumping jacks and sprinting… all you need is a stop watch, and $5-10 for a jump rope. 15-18 minutes is all you need. A few tips:

-Start at 15 seconds all out, with 45 seconds steady, repeat for 1-2 weeks 3 days a week, than up it to 30 seconds strong and 30 seconds steady, by 6 weeks you should be up to 45 seconds strong and a 15 second steady mode.

-Stay hydrated, drink water, or invest in a quality BCAA supplement, and drink throughout your workout.

-Consult with a physician if this type of cardio can be beneficial for you. It will be short but extremely intense and will get your heart rate up. Burning fat is what this sites about but steady still burns calories. Slow and steady can still win the race, especially if you’re own health recommends it.

Its not for everyone so give this little short, but intense routine a try for yourself and see how it works for you. I personally recommend doing your cardio either after your training or on one of your off days. You can start at 2 days and than make it 3, whichever works best for you. My best advice for you is to make your cardio and workouts work for you. Not the other way around!


Lean Belly Breakthrough Review: My product review

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The Lean Belly Breakthrough is a system that can be ideal for anybody this time of year. The summer time is coming, spring is here. Lets start getting that summer body!

Lean Belly Breakthrough is geared for a crowd I would put in the 30+ range. Looking for a diet plan and weight loss program, thats not diet pills but ACTUAL WORK! The truth of fat loss is it comes in the kitchen, as well as your workouts. Dr. Bruce Krahn explains excess fat, why it’s stored how it is and why we don’t lose it sometimes even when you are doing the right thing. You will learn tips and techniques that won’t just help you burn body fat BUT KEEP IT OFF!

They’ll teach you as we’ll the importance of getting out of the starvation mode, when trying to lose weight. Granted I am a fan of fasting, it isn’t THE ONLY way you can lose weight. The trick to losing that weight is consistancy, a workout that you love (or learn to love), and motivation for what you can achieve through proper diet, the ultimate in weight loss. The easy to follow guides provided in Lean Belly Breakthrough, will help you not just lose weight but re-energize yourself.

Whether it’s increased sex drive, a happier you, or just simply more energy, you will FEEL GREAT AND WANT TO CONTINUE this program even when you feel the early stages of getting back into shape (or just getting into shape for that matter), all you have to do is have the WILL TO SUCCEED! This will keep you on track even when you doubt yourself. If you don’t have this NO PROGRAM WILL WORK!

Lean Belly Breakthrough also contains a 60 day money back guarantee, so if you decide that this program isn’t for you than you can just let them know. I give this program 4 stars as it will give you detailed programs, and a routine to follow, and despite being by a Dr. it’s not filled with a bunch of medical terms most of us won’t understand. Click here to learn more


Thank you with a special offer to my first subscribers

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I wanted to say thank you to all of my subscribers to my new forum, fitness, diet and training is something that is important to me so I feel very fortunate to have you all. In the weeks following I will have even more diet, training, supplementation, nutrition, and other articles to help you build the physique you have always wanted. How many of you have started on your own weight loss journey? A plan will always help you with a structured format, and letting you know what you need to do from step a to b to c. This limited time offer is marked down 90% for all of you, that’s right… 90%!!! $10!!! We spend more on a lunch! Click here for more info.


Eating Windows and Intermittent Fasting

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My last post was about intermittent Fasting and how effective it was to helping me lose weight. Some of the ideal ranges for Fat loss will be at least 16 hours for men, 14 hours for women. Fitting your calories into a window of 4-12 hours will require discipline like any diet. Ideally for a fast I would recommend starting your fast after dinner around 6-8 pm. Drink water or a BCAA beverage to stay hydrated, I’ll do BCAA if I want to taste something sweet, with the added benefit of promoting protein synthesis and muscle growth as well. They will also help prevent protein catabolism, muscles breaking down by working as fuel source for your muscles as you exercise.

Pending on your schedule whether you get 4-6 hours of sleep or 8-10, have this as a part of your fast. I personally like to stay hydrated with water or 2 scoops of BCAA, beside me in bed. Once you wake up you can have

1-BCAA’s (I work out every other morning so pending on my diet I will have some before or during my training.) When fasting I will throw a scoop in with my preworkout or I will use a a preformula with BCAA already in them (must be under 30 calories) If fasted I will also use them as my post workout supplement, for it’s recovery benefits.

2-Water-Nothing fancy, I aim at a gallon a day, and recommend you going for a cup and hour and working your way up to a gallon, alot of stores like Target or Walmart have jugs where you can even measure how much you are taking in which can be helpful when you are trying to make it a part of your daily regimine.

3-Coffee- Just black coffee, not gonna lie myself I wasn’t a coffee drinker before I started fasting but I can say this old energizer has grown on me, I’ll have some if I am taking a break from preworkout supplements

The rest of the day depends on you, your day, training and schedule, Don’t get worried with the “Anabolic Windows Of Opportunity” some trainers say you need to eat in. It’s all BS, created to sell nutritional supplements.

12 hour eating window, 12 hour fast-My personal favorite, still burns fat while building, I will carb cycle in this frame taking in 100 grams of carbs one day, 200 the next, 300, than 400, 400, 300, 200, etc. More on Carb cycling in the future

10 hour eating window, 10 hour fast-Great for phases of staying lean and packing on additional muscle.

8 hour eating window, 16 hour fast-The ideal, not to long and not to little range, for a fat burning fasting program. work your way up to this if necessary.

4-6 hour eating window 18-20 hour fast- Beer, Pizza, Wings? in this window if I am having whatever I want, JUST MAKE SURE YOU ARE GETTING AS CLOSE TO YOUR MACROS AS POSSIBLE in this window.

Start at 12 hours, and go from their. Listen to your body, if weight loss is ideal try for at least an 8 hour eating window. If you’ve been trying different diets and trying to find something that works give this a shot!