Top Yoga Programs 2017

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Yoga Burst: Beginning Yoga for men and women  A male-female friendly Yoga program, ideal for beginners

Namaste Yoga: Season one   One of the top courses on the market at the moment, a full series

Yoga Burn  The top female Yoga program on the market, ideal for post pregnancy, as well as 30 and above, and busy women who would like to workout at home as opposed to the gym

DDP Yoga Former WCW Champion, and WWE/WWF wrestler “Diamond” Dallas Pages program is ideal for men as well as anybody looking for a transformational workout you can do to burn fat, and build mobility, even when recovering from injuries


Like all workouts contact a physician to make sure you are healthy enough to take up yoga, Types of Yoga can be researched as well to figure which will fit into your weight loss plan, as well as the available time you have for a workout program