MTS Machine Whey Red Velvet Cake Review

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For those of you familiar with the Youtube Fitness Community, the name Marc Lobliner, President of MTS Nurition, probably rings a bell. He’s loud, funny, huge, and definately not some skinny guy telling you to try different products. His old company Sciavation, put BCAA supplementation on the map and why Xtend, Intraworkout BCAA, has been one of the best selling supplements the past 13 years. DELICIOUS to!!! I added a link to the grape, which is my personal favorite flavor.


He now runs his own supplement company and boasts about his protein being the best tasting in all of his youtube videos, so I thought lets check it out. Deciding I wanted something different so I got his Red Velvet shake. Mint Cookies and cream is my number 2. Personally i like spending under $35 on my protein but with 60 servings for around $60, it’s a pretty good deal in the price per serving aspect which i like. BACK TO THE PROTEIN!


The Red Velvet was sweet, mixed well and like i said if you use 2 scoops a day, you have protein for the next 30 days, use only 1 scoop? 60 days!!! I prefer protein postworkout, so what I started doing is creating a postworkout meal of 1 serving of maple brown sugar oatmeal, giving me around 30 g of carbs, with 2 scoops of the MTS Red Velvet Whey… WOW!!! This concoction is THE BEST TASTING POST WORKOUT I HAVE EVER HAD!!!!!

Added is a link to MTS Whey Red Velvet, so you can try it for yourself. He makes a 2 serving container as well if you don’t wanna spend $60, but in my opinion I would rather spend $60 and get 60 servings than $38 and get 30 servings. If you don’t like sweet proteins, blend it with some oatmeal, post workout. 4 out of 5 stars in my opinion!