Top 10 weight loss programs for the spring of 2017

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Getting ready to hit the beach, or just eager to get back into shape maybe you just want to FINALLY look and feel the way you always wanted. All That being said here is a list of the top 20 best selling internet products on the market right now

1 Lean Belly Breakthrough 

2.  Yoga Burn (Women Only)

3. The 3 Week Diet

4. Venus Factor Xtreme (Women only)

5. The 2 Week Diet

6. Old School, New Body

7. 10 Minute Fat Loss

8. The Fat Diminisher

9. Eat Stop Eat

10. Thrive In 5’s


Each of these programs have a purpose, some women specific, a couple more towards bodybuilding, one even for intermittent fasting the key is doing our own research and finding which program works best for you. Good Luck my friend! My weight loss tip for the day is a simple one. How many of you drink a gallon of water a day? Did you know how beneficial water is in fat loss? Drink at least an 8 oz cup every hour you are awake.