Eating Windows and Intermittent Fasting

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My last post was about intermittent Fasting and how effective it was to helping me lose weight. Some of the ideal ranges for Fat loss will be at least 16 hours for men, 14 hours for women. Fitting your calories into a window of 4-12 hours will require discipline like any diet. Ideally for a fast I would recommend starting your fast after dinner around 6-8 pm. Drink water or a BCAA beverage to stay hydrated, I’ll do BCAA if I want to taste something sweet, with the added benefit of promoting protein synthesis and muscle growth as well. They will also help prevent protein catabolism, muscles breaking down by working as fuel source for your muscles as you exercise.

Pending on your schedule whether you get 4-6 hours of sleep or 8-10, have this as a part of your fast. I personally like to stay hydrated with water or 2 scoops of BCAA, beside me in bed. Once you wake up you can have

1-BCAA’s (I work out every other morning so pending on my diet I will have some before or during my training.) When fasting I will throw a scoop in with my preworkout or I will use a a preformula with BCAA already in them (must be under 30 calories) If fasted I will also use them as my post workout supplement, for it’s recovery benefits.

2-Water-Nothing fancy, I aim at a gallon a day, and recommend you going for a cup and hour and working your way up to a gallon, alot of stores like Target or Walmart have jugs where you can even measure how much you are taking in which can be helpful when you are trying to make it a part of your daily regimine.

3-Coffee- Just black coffee, not gonna lie myself I wasn’t a coffee drinker before I started fasting but I can say this old energizer has grown on me, I’ll have some if I am taking a break from preworkout supplements

The rest of the day depends on you, your day, training and schedule, Don’t get worried with the “Anabolic Windows Of Opportunity” some trainers say you need to eat in. It’s all BS, created to sell nutritional supplements.

12 hour eating window, 12 hour fast-My personal favorite, still burns fat while building, I will carb cycle in this frame taking in 100 grams of carbs one day, 200 the next, 300, than 400, 400, 300, 200, etc. More on Carb cycling in the future

10 hour eating window, 10 hour fast-Great for phases of staying lean and packing on additional muscle.

8 hour eating window, 16 hour fast-The ideal, not to long and not to little range, for a fat burning fasting program. work your way up to this if necessary.

4-6 hour eating window 18-20 hour fast- Beer, Pizza, Wings? in this window if I am having whatever I want, JUST MAKE SURE YOU ARE GETTING AS CLOSE TO YOUR MACROS AS POSSIBLE in this window.

Start at 12 hours, and go from their. Listen to your body, if weight loss is ideal try for at least an 8 hour eating window. If you’ve been trying different diets and trying to find something that works give this a shot!