Weight Loss Reviews, Fat Burners

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Fat burners are one of the best selling, and probably most controversial supplements next to test boosters. You read magazines as well as look online you will find all sorts of creations. However I do want to give you some recommendations as well as some tips for what to look for and what to avoid. The magic pill theory is very high with fat burners. They use scientific terms you don’t know, show attractive models to make the product more attractive.

My first rule of thumb is if it’s to true it probably is. If a pill says you can eat anything and you don’t have to workout steer clear. Fat loss comes when you are BURNING FAT! When you workout you burn calories, when you are eating a high-moderate protein diet, with a carb intake of around 1-1 1.5 g of carbs per lb of bodyweight, you will see real changes to your physique. When you workout you burn upwards of 10/20 calories a minute. As good as it sounds it’s also TO GOOD TO BE TRUE LOL.

STICK WITH WHAT’S TRIED AND TRUE: With 1000’s of companies selling you the next best thing it gets confusing, some lines sell you on big name ingredients, some give you huge price tags, at the end of the day it’s all sales pitches and everyone wants to make a buck in this multi-billion dollar industry. What I cay say is i’ll give you a list of tried and true fat burners I HAVE USED  and deliver on their promises… REMEMBER IT DOESN’T MATTER THE PILL OR CLAIM, IF YOUR DIET ISN’T RIGHT NO PILL WILL WORK!!!

Lipo 6 One of Nutrexs best sellers, Lipo 6, has around for years, it is dosed as well so that you don’t have to take pill after pill through out your day. It acts as an effective preworkout supplement as well a great energy supplement to kick start your day. I recommend using it earlier in your day so that it doesn’t keep you up all night, take it on a empty stomach.

Shred JYM A COMPLETE FAT BURNER! Containing Green Tea, Aceytl L-Carnitne, Caffeine, and Tyrosine, it is a clinically dosed high quality fat burner. Dr Jim Stoppani has been running one of the best supplement lines the past few years, and his preworkout is one of the best on the market. It is a 6 pill dosage (3 pills morning and 3 pills afternoon)

These 2 supplements will give you energy, focus, as well as help you burn fat, and suppress appetite. Yohimbine, can be added to your fat burning stack, however it’s one of the supplements that require a high dosage. CLA, is popular however their are far less essential than Green Tea or Carnitine. 2 servings of Carnitine, and a serving of Green Tea, will act as a lighter dosed fat burner, if you are sensitive to stimulants as well.

My advice on fat burners, is to keep the mindset of diet and exercise will get you where you want to go. Supplements can assist and fast track however YOU HAVE TO HAVE THESE 2 FACTORS DOWN!